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Easy Chart Builder 2.0 beta (updated B3)

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I know folks are frustrated it has not been updated recently.  2.0 completely redoes the rendering and javascript.  Charts are dynamic, as the mouse rolls over key areas they will highlight.

There will be more options to tailor axis titles and legend and whatnot, but some features are going away.

I think everyone will like the outcome much better.  Your pages will not break as the old tags will remain identifiable but may not do anything. 

Once things are settled and more is in place, will follow up on this post.

beta 3 drop can be found here for those that want to use it.

To install it, simply replace the easy-chart-builder.php in the plugin folder with the one provided in the zip file above.

New: importsql argument to specify an SQL Table to drive the chart.  Use the valuenames argument to specify the column name in the table for the values in the value axis.  Use the groupnames argument to list columns you want in the chart.

Below are two examples everyone can do as they are simple plots of your wordpress tables.  Note only one column of the table in these simple demos is plotted:
[easychart type="line" importsql="wp_posts" valuenames="post_date" groupnames="comment_count"]
[easychart type="horizbar" importsql="wp_links" valuenames="link_name" groupnames="link_rating"]

If you create a custom table, you can do a lot of things.  For example if you enter the tutorial chart found on the ECB document page, and you listed the tests (3D, E-Learning, etc) under the column "tests", you could access it as such:
[easychart type="horizbar" importsql="testchart" valuenames="tests" groupnames="AMD Phenom X4 9950,Intel Core i7 940"]

New: importcsv argument to specify a csv file to drive the chart: importcsv="yourfile.csv"
The beta has an example csv file for you to explore the format.  Specify the full path or plop it in your wordpress root folder.

Change: Only Pie, Line, horizbar|stacked, vertbar|stacked are supported.  Overlapped, radar, and scatter are not implemented.  Scatter will eventually be added.

Bugs: The data table is screwy and will likely be fired in favor of the original one.
Update beta 2:
fixes pie charts
Update beta 3:
SQL Import feature.

Will 2.X support more than 12 groups? I have a particular need for 14. Thank you!

Loving the new charts. Any chance the currency will work with the roll overs on the charts? Right now there are no commas or dollar signs. Thanks much.


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