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Inconvenient go to webpage button in Flitter 3.0

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Overall, Flitter 3 has some great improvements. However, one thing in particular is driving me crazy: In order to go to the article on the original site, one now has to bring up a menu, then select the option. Previously, this could be done with a single tap from the main article view.

Unfortunately, most of the RSS feeds I read do not include the full text of the article in the feed, so I'm constantly using the go to page button. Now the number of steps needed to access it have doubled. It may seem like a small thing, but this was the single most-used option on the toolbar for me, and the new placement is becoming irritating very fast.
Thanks for the feedback.  Sorry you are having this issue.  Have you tried telling flitter you want full articles for that feed?  It will cost you a bit in refresh time but flitter will download the original article rather than the RSS snippet.

To enable this, edit the feed's settings and go to RSS Content, then enable "Download Full Articles".  It won't replace the already stored articles you have, but going forward as new articles are detected they will be just like if you did that two step process to visit the original web site.  While you are there, you can also enable reading mode if you want it to strip ads away (you can turn reading mode on and off at any time btw).

There is also a (small) advantage that the article is available offline (minus the graphics).

Let me know if this works for you

Didn't realize it could be set to grab the full articles. This is great – thanks.


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