Author Topic: Easy Spoiler [spoilergroup] Won't automatically close open spoilers in Firefox  (Read 4135 times)


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Have a website where we had planned to have a table with product comparisons but the number of values associated were numerous so we settled on several individual tables hidden in different spoilers associated with each product.

However, in Firefox (10, 10.02 and 11) they don't function.  Used in IE9 and Chrome they show/hide without issue (open spoiler closes if a closed spoiler in the group is clicked).  Instead the open spoiler closes, the "hide" button remains, the page reloads and the button changes to "show" but the clicked spoiler doesn't open.

Website page in question is:



* Edited adding "Instead..." Firefox's behavior..
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Hmmm sounds like a bug there ;).  I'll look at it.  Very sorry