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feedHopper & Flitter: problem syncing articles with google account

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i have trouble syncing articles properly with google account.

receiving unread articles with google account works perfect.
after reading with feedHopper or Flitter i mark my feeds as read.
the small activity indicator appears shortly in the status bar.
but at googles website all articles are still unread.

this happens with feedHopper and Flitter.
the first sync worked with no problem.
but after a few syncs it doesn't sync properly anymore.

Anybody else having this problem?

iOS 5.1.1 // feedHopper 5.2.3 // Flitter 3.0.1
Hmm. Let me take a look and get back to you

Sorry for the trouble
I read an article in fH and seeing it automatically marked as unread on the reader web page.
If I mark the feed as all read in fH, it appears all articles are correctly marked as unread on the reader web page.


I do see a problem reading articles on the web page and clicking on refresh on the feed in fH (where it should mark the articles as read by paying attention to the read state during refresh).

Is this the problem you are seeing?  Or are you seeing a problem with iPad->Reader on marking things read?



--- Quote ---Or are you seeing a problem with iPad->Reader on marking things read?
--- End quote ---

feeds that i marked as read in feedHopper or Flitter are not marked as read on google reader web page.
i posted a video:

actually i don't read articles at googles reader page.
it's just to keep feedHopper and Flitter in sync on my idevices.
with a few hundred articles a day i don't want to read all twice.

I see what you are doing and your intended use should work.

Thanks for the video. Btw if things worked rigt you would. It have to mark the feed read. Just reading the article sends the MSG to google for that article in real time

Just In case there is something about the feed that is confusNg our engine can you post the feed URL?

Also another thing you can do is view the activity log in-app.  It's need the support menu. Read an unread article and see if an error log appears

In the mean time you have given great info.  Many thanks


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