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Last week, I downloaded feedHopper for the iPad and was able to import an OPML file. All my folders with feeds were successfully loaded into feedHopper and I was able to read articles as usual. This morning, with one exception, all my folders only have one feed in them. For example, I have a folder called News & Politics and it is supposed to have 8 feeds in it. This morning there is only 1. I tried to re-load the OPML file but it said that the file was a duplicate and nothing happened. I tried turning the device off and on, which didn't help. Any other ideas?
Hmmm what you describe SHOULD work and is a supported feature.  I assume what you are describing is that when you enter a folder/category you expect to see multiple feeds and for some reason you see only one.  I am sorry you are having a problem.  This is a first I have heard of this so I will need some help from you.

There are a few things we can do:

1. In feedHopper, export your feeds to yourself (via email) as an OPML file.  Actually, if the feeds have nothing personal in them include our support  (support at dyerware) email and Ill take a look here to make sure there is nothing about the content that exposes a bug.  This will validate that it is aware (or not) of your desired feed list.

2. Kill feedHopper (double-click the home button and in the task list, locate feedHopper.  Hold it down until they 'wiggle' and an x appears.  Touch the x). 
> Restart feedHopper in landscape.
> Visit your folder that is missing feeds. 
> Then go back to main (touch the 'main' arrow). 
> Touch the support life saver icon at the bottom of the feed list on the left and select 'view activity log'.
> (assuming it is not empty) click the email button and send it to us (support at dyerware).

3.  If item 1 above appears to contain your feeds and you do not mind losing the articles you have downloaded, you can delete and reinstall feedHopper, then import your  feed list from this master OPML.  You will lose: any passwords for authorized feeds.  Any customized icons.  Downloaded articles.  Reading mode preferences. 

Obviously I'd like to avoid inconveniencing you with option 3.  Lets see what 1 and 2 give us.  Im very curious about your problem


I just sent email with the exported file from feedHopper and included the OPML from FeedDemon, my desktop RSS reader. When you compare the two files, you'll see that nearly all the feeds that were originally imported into feedHopper have somehow disappeared.

Also tried step number 2 without success.

Going to step 3 and reinstalling feedHopper isn't that big of a deal. But my larger concern is that the problem happens again. That would be quite annoying.

Thanks for your help.
Just to keep folks updated, a bug was introduced in a recent update that affects opml imports.  It will be fixed shortly.

my apologies to those it affected.


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