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« on: March 11, 2011, 02:16:11 AM »
I've tried adding a marker code to this:

[easychart type="vertbar" title="2010 Equipment Caused Derailments" groupnames="CP,NS,KCS,CSX,CN,UP,BNSF" valuenames="" group1values="3" group2values="29" group3values="9" group4values="32" group5values="3" group6values="51" group7values="61"]

I may not be able to since there is just one value per group, but I was wondering if I could use a marker to point to the group that I wanted to make easily distinguishable from the others.


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Re: Markers
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2011, 12:57:45 PM »
Markers are really meant for line graphs.  There you can have lots of markers, even between values.

Markers work by you specifying the point # or a fraction between it.  Below you see


This means on the line for group 2, place a marker 50% between point 0 and point 1 (and one at 60,70), then place a marker on point 1, point2, and point 3.

[easychart type="line" height="100" title="SYSMark 2007: AMD v.s.  Intel" groupnames="AMD Phenom X4 9950, Intel Core i7 940" groupcolors="005599,229944" valuenames="Overall,E-Learning,Video Creation,Productivity,3D" group1values="157,132,208,150,148" group2values="229,202,259,226,232.43" watermark="100,150" currency="$" precision="2" group2markers="0.5,0.6,0.7,1,2,3" ]