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New ideas for feedhopper


I am new to feedhopper, I think the app is outstanding (no magazine bs or other fluffy stuff)
However I would like to point some new ideas out in order to improve the product. I hope to get a feedback from the forum adm/app developer.
1) I think is now time for a new YouTube tutorial, considering new features were added since that very useful video. The idea of the tutorial is really refreshing in a world full of rss reader apps with not clear directions for new users. That new tutorial could also explain more about how to read the feeds offline (I.e. commuting time) and new interactions with several "read it later" applications such as instapaper, readability, pocket, etc
2) another idea: can you include in the global wizard command ( or if you prefer at feed level as well) an option to open the articles in the feed in full wide screen ?ofcourse that will be an optional wizard feature. I like to read my feed on reading mode and full wide screen
3) last idea for now: even though the button in the right upper corner to jump to the next/previous article is a nice feature, I would like to have (just to have a more seamless experience when I read) the feature of swipe at the end of the article and "jump" to the next one, that way no need to go to that corner and tap that option there, just read and swipe to the next (or previous) one.

Hope these feature can be included in the next iteration.
thanks for your kind words.

I will look into the widescreen button.  Perhaps what you want is just a setting to change the default behavior to be 'widescreen' rather than a wizard per se.

I believe there are already gestures for navigating the reading list.  Let me know if this works for you:

> Three-finger double-tap: same as touching widescreen button (toggles widescreen)

> Two finger left swipe: Next Article

> Two finger right swipe: Previous Article

> Three finger swipe up: Jump to bottom of article list

> Three finger swipe down: Jump to top of article list

Thanks for the tips on the swipe modes to jump to the next article and going to the end of the list as well. I think that validates my earlier comment on the need to create another tutorial in YouTube as I am quite sure few people know about that gesture functionality as I do not remember been seen at the current tutorial.
In any case thanks for your feedback and please keep it up, I truly believe feedhopper is an outstanding product regardless the level of publicity or reviews out there


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