Author Topic: 4.1 update sneak peek  (Read 3854 times)

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4.1 update sneak peek
« on: March 27, 2011, 02:38:44 PM »
4.1 brings some fixes, and much enhanced google reader/sync integration.

With 4.1 you now have a new menu item under support (the life saver icon) to bring up an internal error log which you can email support.  If things do not work right, support may ask for this log in order to improve the product.

Also in 4.1 are improvements to some date formats for certain feeds, improvements to image attachments in reading mode, and cosmetic fixes to the google reader toolbar for articles.

Google Reader Syncing
4.1 introduces improves google reader synchronizing.  It is now approximately 5x faster when marking an entire feed/folder/or the entire database as having been read.  It also performs 'deep syncing' with old articles to ensure if you have marked them read in google reader that they get marked as such in feedHopper.

Deep syncing goes beyond the short-term sync that occurs when you refresh a feed.  Previous versions of feedHopper only synced the immediate articles Google provides for a feed (up to 30 or so entries).  If articles fell off that list feedHopper did not sync them.  Now, deep sync checks all unread articles to ensure their Google Sync integrity is accurate.

Google Reader Importing
4.1 also introduces improved google reader importing.  Now there is an 'import all' button to just add all feeds at once. 

Note that when you launch the google import dialog feedHopper will only show you feeds not already subscribed in feedHopper, which makes things simpler for you.  Now however, it will only import a feed for the category you selected it under.  Prior to 4.1 all categories for the selected feed were pulled, perhaps creating undesirable/unwanted folders. You now have control over those associations.