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There are a lot of  interesting things being done with our plugins.

If you want to showcase a page on your site that features a dyerware plugin, please do so. 

Much appreciated!

Congratulations on a really stylish site design and simply awesome plugins!

I have added Easy Chart Builder, Easy Review Builder and Easy Spoiler to my website and I am loving them!

I registered in the forum to report that ECB produces strange charts when dealing with negative numbers.
I wanted to show : group1values="0,-2,4.32,7.38,11.06,"
However I resolved this by simply adding a negative minaxis.

--- Code: ---minaxis="-5"
--- End code ---

So instead, I thought I would share some examples of how I incorporated your plugins into my website.

I use Easy Spoiler in a lot of places. One example is inside my members area but I use it to display our monthly results archive.
This uses a [spoilergroup] with each month inside a spoiler and then a table of results inside the spoiler.
This allows members to quickly swap between months without having an incredibly long page.

I also display a Results Overview in a spoiler group that incorporates 2 ECB charts. (line and vertbarovelap)

Using the Easy Review Builder I listed a series of staking plans but also added a single Easy Spoiler at the bottom of each staking plan to reveal more details it, should the visitor be interested in that particular plan. This again keeps the post  shorter and more relevant to the visitor.

Many Thanks and I wish you all the best,

Simon Woodford

Although I am not too comfortable posting my website, the Easy Spoiler plugin makes for nifty FAQs.

I've used Easy Spoiler in conjunction with another plugin called Page View to display our netball club's match schedule and competition ladder.


Check out the review pages, I changed the stars to golf balls.


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