Author Topic: 4.2 Update Sneak Peak  (Read 3530 times)

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4.2 Update Sneak Peak
« on: April 17, 2011, 10:42:54 PM »
4.2 is a big one :)

Thanks everyone for your support.  Below is a list of notes from development.  Other than big speed improvements, the new 'river reading' feature is available.  You should all try this out.  Details below.

New Features:
> Unread Articles, and Downloads entries are embedded automatically in each folder.
> 'River of news' reading mode (global settings/display/mark as read when title is shown).  When enabled, in article list if a title of an unread article scrolls into view it is automatically marked as read, and a fade in of a grey background signifies it was unread.  Folder and Feed Unread counters decrement in real time as you go.  Fantastic for speed-reading feeds!
> Much faster search
> Much faster transitions to/from widescreen mode in the reading pane
> Much faster article list popup in portrait or widescreen
> Much faster transition from article list to reading pane
> Much faster transition from reading pane to article list
> You can now see all articles in the article list rather than the artificial limit of 50.
> Updated OpenFeint to latest ver,  2.10
> Selected article stays selected whenever you transition to/from reading pane and article list (or pop up the article list when in widescreen).  Previous versions did not do this.

Bug Fixes:
> Fixed a subtle, rare crash when selecting an unread article to read