Author Topic: feedHopper 5.0 sneak peek  (Read 3461 times)

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feedHopper 5.0 sneak peek
« on: May 29, 2011, 09:29:11 PM »
5.0 brings significant improvements to the app's podcasting capabilities:

* Download Manager that conveys download status directly in to the article lists (progress meters).
   You can now download dozens (hundreds if necessary) of podcasts simultaneously.  There are new toolbar
   items under the podcast button for downloading all new podcasts from a feed, or you can set the
   auto-download option to add new requests to the download manager on a refresh.
* Podcast track play in the order intended by the website (the post date of the podcast).
* Map pins work in downloads folders.
* Custom Media Player GUI with Next/Prev track and +/- 15 second buttons.
* Media play is restricted to the article area, keeping the toolbar and other controls available to you
   (use the widescreen stretch button to get more real estate)
* Cover Art (both during playing and in the article lists)
* New wizard for setting some podcast preferences across all your feeds.
* New icon on articles indicating they have a podcast (A tiny paperclip).

In addition, some features and fixes for the traditional news folks:
* Faster parsing, faster transitioning and article selection all around.
* bug fix for feeds that have more articles than your history limit setting.
* The missing 'articles' button when in portrait mode :)

Screenshots will be posted soon.   A youtube video will be posted to help demonstrate the new podcasting features.