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Sorry for the late response. I was away from the computer the rest of the day. Removing the x seems to have no effect whatsoever, so that's good.


Also, should I go back and remove the "x" from xmax-width: 100%; or should I leave the file the way it is.


WOW, thank you so much. This is perfect. Any way I can repay you?


No problem. And thank you very much. I appreciate your help very much.

Also, I just realized that my version of Chrome was not updated [Version 29.0.1547.65]. I upgraded to Version 30.0.1599.69 hoping maybe that was the issue but that't not the case.  :(

Alright then.

I've done this but the stars seem to stay the same. I've also cleared cache if that helps.

Here's a screen.

I'm on a mac.

Here is my short code in case you need it:

[easyreview title=" Equipment Trust Inspection?" cat1title="Engine Condition" cat1detail="Create up to 8 rating categories, more than enough to accomplish most review formats." cat1rating="3.5" cat2title="Transmission Condition" cat2detail="While voiceovers were charming, the game really lacked in the variety of sounds." cat2rating="2.5" cat3title="Hydraulics Condition" cat3detail="Where the sound and graphics faltered at times the gameplay is outstanding." cat3rating="4.5" cat4title="Tires Condition" cat4detail="Where the sound and graphics faltered at times the gameplay is outstanding." cat4rating="3.5" summary="This optional summary is automatically calculated. You just provide the text."]

Computer used is a MacBook Pro running  OSX 10.8.5
I have also tested this using Chrome for mobile on a Samsung Galaxy S4 for and the problem persists on there as well. This is not the case for the factory default web browser on the phone.

The problem seems persistent on Chrome only.

Wordpress Plugins / [Review Builder] Chrome displays stars out of place.
« on: October 03, 2013, 11:30:14 PM »

Alright, so I've tested the page on all browsers except IE but from what I can see, everything works beautifully except on Chrome. The stars seem shifted out of place. I've cleared cache and done everything I thought would work but I'm stuck.

Is there anything we can to do to fix this? I really want to use this plugin since I can't find anything else that looks and works as well as I want it to.

Thanks for everything.


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