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Try emailing the opml file as an attachment and on your iPad open the email and hold your finger down on the attachment.  If all goes well you will get a popup with a list of apps to open the file with and fH us one of them

FH will open up and put you in import mode

Let me know if that works!

Duh! I got that far before but did not click on the check mark at the top of the Window to import the feed. Thanks for the quick reply.

I exported my Google Reader subscriptions to myself. Opened the file in my iPad2 and copied the contents of the file into the iPad's clipboard. However when I go into feedHopper to add the list of subscriptions via Import from Clipboard there is no such option. I see import from Server option.

I initially tried to simply use my GoogleReader login information but that did not work perhaps because I am using 2 step authentication on the account.

I also do not see any way of configuring the various social accounts logins. I only see the ability to reset passwords for all of them or on an individual basis.

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