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Wordpress Plugins / Spoiler table looks different in post or page
« on: June 21, 2013, 01:37:06 PM »

I've just recently started using easy spoiler plugin for my website ( currently still in development but online on a test webhost).

I have it setup so that if i post something, it will automatically post it on a specific page as well.

as an example this is the post when i post it


And this is where the post gets "reposted" on one of my pages.

Please have a little patience, something the free webhost servers gets overloaded a bit and my site doesn't load immediatly because i will be last in qeue

As you can see both spoiler boxes look different, and i can't seem to figure out why they would change appearance between the two places.
I would like to have the second style defaulted across my whole website but can't seem to find where it catches different styles from.

Somehow in my mind i think it's a simple CSS problem but on the other hand i think....crap, this might be a theme problem.
the theme i'm using is Orizon gaming template but it's not free to download. So if you need specific files from me please e-mail me and i'll provide the files that way.

Hope to hear from someone soon

Andreas Plate

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