We designed from the ground up a collection of classic dice games for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Enjoy Farkle, Yatzy, and Poker Dice using colorful chalk-drawn dice and comical 2D physics. Dice spin and bounce off of each other and satisfyingly clack. Crowds cheer and boo. Colorful sound effects embellish the experience. Gamecenter achievements and leaderboards round off the experience.

The game will allow you to play your own music in the background. In the game’s settings, turn off ‘Intro Music’ and there will not be any conflict.

These classic games are perfect for an on-the-go mobile gaming experience and is a must have for your collection. Its even free, so you can’t beat that!

We spent quite a bit of energy finding that fine balance between the computer assisting you too much and you having to think was worked out. We didn’t want you to, for example, add yatzy roll scores, but we will require you to identify what dice you want to keep without hinting or highlighting.

Each game has an in-game scorecard for quick lookup of dice rules as well as a more involved tutorial. You can however get more into the games using several on-line tutorials we link too here. Note that all of these games have various small rule differences but the overall experience is largely the same:


Farkle on Wikipedia


Yatzy on Wikipedia

Note: Doodle Dice’s small straight consists of 4 dice and large straight 5 dice.

Poker Dice

Poker Dice on Wikipedia

For further support and questions, visit our forum:

dyerware support forum

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Note two things about the youtube video below:
1. It is somewhat poorly encoded. The game will run quite smoothly on your iDevice.
2. I play it intentionally slow to allow first timers to follow along. You can play as fast as you want.