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    I insert images using the editor but the do not zoom or appear in a captiongroup.

    In the gallery editor, make sure the image has text in the caption field. This triggers the caption shortcode. Without it, the image is inserted "naked" and we currently (but may in the future if asked) leave these alone.

    You can zoom them if you edit the inserted image HTML and add:


    to the hyperlink tag

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    I try to add a captiongroup and have everything correct, but the themed container is not present.

    Make sure you have the captiongroup items on their own separate line (press enter after captiongroup)

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    I get the following message in my posts: "Gallery And Caption SHORTCODE ERROR"

    Your [captiongroup] shortcode has an illegal parameter, or perhaps a new line. Make sure the shortcode is in one single line. It can wrap of course, but sometimes editors place implicit breaks... these become HTML codes under the covers and confuses the shortcode parser.

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    How can I support your plugin?

    Right now there are three support options that would be much appreciated

    1) Purchase our RSS news reader for the iphone: Flitter! app store link (hey, two bucks!).

    2) Advertise our Flitter! iPhone app on your site. You can use the graphics right off of this site's main page or contact us if you want something custom.

    3) Donate via PayPal. The sidebar on your right over there has a paypal donation button.

    This list is in no particular order, whatever you choose would be wonderful to us!